Title: anxOxna

Year: 2014

Short description:

Trees structured as a neural network 
Axon and Dendrites-branches connecting through multiple forms of synapses. 
Individually programmed receptors. Flexible synthetic neurotransmitters . 
Axon terminal with receptive chaos outcome . 
Post synaptic density calibrated through external sentient impacts. 
A pan-computational AI-system.
This video entitled 'anxoxna' depicts six variations of pan-computational synapses.
The video will be presented in two formats as a video installation. Physical and Form & Void. 
This excerpt is from the Physical version. The Form & Void version features the under vegetation of the trees; the roots, rhizomes and underlying connections.
Music by Ceephax Acid Crew. "Forest zone 303" from the album Cro Magnox.