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About Cathexis.

AUJIK are an esoteric group who believes in animism and worships nature.
They divide nature in to:

artificial intelligence 
nano technology 
dna manipulation 
augmented reality 
body enhancements 
carbon nano tubes 
synthetic photosynthesis 


AUJIK states that:
The refine nature originates from the primitive and vice versa.
That refine nature is order and primitive nature is chaos.
That the resistance between them will decrease until they converge in to a state of supreme clarity.
In order to reach this state AUJIK project sacred artefacts that are a crossbreed of organic and synthetic entity.

The following manifestations illustrates how they interact with their artefacts.
Each artefacts consists of an unique and multifaceted Artificial Intelligence (AI).
By transcending emotional inputs to the artefacts artificial limbic system the AUJIK members can reveal various areas and aspects of the artefacts minds.
Examples are the artefacts self-image, consciousness, sub-consciousness, gender, affects and spirituality.
This symbiosis also leads the AUJIK members to a higher awareness of the self.


The video is a collaboration with Scottish electronic musician Christ and a Swedish cognitive neuro-scientist at Stockholm’s university.
The concept of the film is how Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) transcends with human emotions.
In the video several examples of this is manifested by an fictional esoteric group called AUJIK.
The video took one year to accomplish and was funded by the Swedish art grants committee and Helge Ax:son Johnsons foundation. 
A Cathexis soundtrack will be available on Parallax sounds records in late spring.
There will also be a catalogue with illustrations and information about AUJIK and their synthetic/organic artefacts.

Cathexis is divided in to five sections/chapters:

QUALIA: Form, space, physics, mimicry and metamorphosis.

AMYGDALA: the limbic system; neurosis, psychosis, phobias.

LABRIDAE: Gender, animus/anima-complex, hermaphroditism.

MURMURATION: Computation, trajectory, patterns.

MANDALA: creativity, interaction, transcendence.