title: Liturgy - Quetzalcoatl

year: 2015

original format: HD 1080p

lenght: 4:53 min

Commissioned video work for Brooklyn based Transcendental Black Metal band Liturgy and their track 'Quetzalcoatl'.
'Quetzalcoatl' is their first video release from their album 'the ark work' on Thrill Jockey records.

Quote from Hunter Hunt Hendrix of Liturgy:

"I was interested in working with Aujik because they use CGI to traverse boundaries between the organic, machinic, subjective, sacred and profane in a stunning way, and the project seemed to complement my own efforts with the arrangements on The Ark Work. I asked them to make a meditative piece drawing from Dore's famous illustration of Paradise Lost depicting Dante and Beatrice gazing into the Empyrean realm, and they took it from there."

Quote from AUJIK:
"Gustave Dore's engraving entitled 'Celestial rose' has been the foundation and initial point for this visual manifestation by AUJIK for Liturgy's track 'Quetzalcoatl'. 
It is constructed as a triptych, with the centre piece as a circular pattern that keeps the same formation, while the angels gradually change form and eventually vaporize in to the light which represents the rise of science. 
This metamorphosis resembles how the swarm of bodies transcends with a higher form of consciousness and enlightenment. 
The symmetric side pieces depict the subconscious minds and oppressed sentiments of Dante and Beatrice while they perceive the transformation of the celestial rose.
It's also been influence by Nuukik, a device constructed by a Mayan shaman called Tepeu around AD 100. 
The Nuukik consisted of three wheels - in different sizes - with leaves attached to them. These wheels were spinning in a constant pace with sun rays projected behind the silhouette, causing a stroboscopic flicker. 
While being exposed to this effect, it was said that one could contemplate with the gods. 
The circular motion in 'Quetzalcoatl' uses the same structural pace as the Nuukik, while the rays are flickering through the angel's shifting form."