Title: Nine States of Ambivalence

Year: 2012

Psychologist Silvan Tomkins Affect Theory;
In psychoanalysis an Affect is an emotion or subjectively experienced feeling.
The nine affects are: 1. Enjoyment/Joy 2. Interest/Excitement 3. Surprise/Startle 4. Anger/Rage 5. Disgust 6. Dissmell 7. Distress/Anguish 8. Fear/Terror 9. Shame/Humiliation.
This video consists of 9 individual characters which are crossbreeds of organic and synthetic elements.
Each character represent one of Tomkins Affects in no particular order.
They are bound together by different external expressions which also can be seen as a form of communication. 
They are being observed by a dog named Sharik from whom the viewer see the perspective.


This video was commissioned by Japanese TV Station Space Shower as part of their Station ID project 2012.


CGI, concept, design, filming, post production and editing by Stefan Larsson

music by christ. - Pidgeon. (unreleased track) ©christ.

thanks to Chris Horne and Takuya Koyama