title: Plasticity Unfolding: wiggiling word

year: 2016

original format: HD 1080p

lenght: 2:25 min

In the previous visual manifestation 'Plasticity Unfolding' (2014) multifaceted AI, KIIA was interviewed by nine year old AUJIK member Mana. 
Mana asked questions about self-awareness and the lack of a physical body. KIIA explained that she was more sufficient than a human being and was able to transcend with all materials in her surroundings.
KIIA imagined herself to be a river running through a forest laying on a river bank which represented her nervous system. 
KIIA later gathered with 4 other AI's and emerged in to one unite, becoming a super consciousness entity. 
The 4 other AI were all built for different tasks and fields and felt the urge to converge with other unites in order to complement each other in to perfection. 
Eventually they decided to virtually situate in the landscape KIIA been describing earlier.
At that spot they spawned a pan computational world with a sentient landscape . 
The emotions, affections and sensations they've conceived are far more complex than any human being will ever be able to perceive.
They call it the Wiggling World.

This video shows how each AI portray this realm.

KIIA: Manufactured by Mori cooperation's. Based at a facility in Yakushima, Japan. Quantum based.
Spiritual and artistic abilities.

Takki: Manufacture unknown. Based in an underground hatch in the Italian dolomite mountains.
Was first rejected by the Wiggling World. The only AI that been used in military conflicts. Been reset to infant state.

2xPyro v.3: A dual biological AI. Consists of a left and right algorithmic hemisphere. Located at a Swizz banks head office in Geneva. Malfunctioned two times. Been diagnosed as catatonic but lately recovered by creating its own religion.

Unknown name: Location unknown. Is presumably based in ca 1 million computers spread worldwide, but claims to be located in the Proxima Centauri. Been working on a Mandelbrot Mandala constantly for over a decade.

Jeanette von Maur af Bielefeld: Manufactured by the Maur family. Quantum based.
Once responsible for the great financial crisis in eastern Europe. Was then suspended and later bought by a Chinese investor.
Now located in Hong Kong. Only operational by night and at 10% because of its high power consumption. Have the highest bit capacity of any AI ever.

Mana and KIIA interview: